Shark Fishing

Catch as many sharks as you can to achieve a highscore within the time limit. There are 4 different sharks you can collect in varying sizes.

How to play

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One comment on “Shark Fishing
  1. I used to play this before the F2P option came along, and i enjoyed it then.. and i know they were losing playe1 so thats they thought to make it F2P to bring playe1 back but looks like its going down hill now cuz of the restrictio1 added onto it.
    I have not played in awhile, So i dunno how bad it is.. But to be honest.. This is the game that ended SWG… after 8y1 and swg never lost playe1 until the CU and the NGE >,< cuz they thought it would be a good idea.. wow they were wrong.. and SWTOR is still new and is already going down hill, and swg was in my view was better in all aspects.. But if they dont start looking into what the people are saying and change some of the restrictio1 they will go down the same road as swg did..

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