Origami Paper Cranes

Our beautiful girl loves origami paper very much. It is her favorite hobby. Today she will have an origami paper performance and now time is limited. So she needs your help to dress up her well. Start from choosing one perfect outfit for her and suit her best. Then you can give her one lovely outfit and accessorize her beauty with some accessories. At last, don’t forget to decorate her beautiful table with marvelous paper cranes that she made. Have fun in our brand new dress up game called Origami Paper Cranes.

How to play

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2 comments on “Origami Paper Cranes
  1. ” I still need to check out cyberpunk card game Netrunner (another physical card game with a popular digital variant)” – What popular digital variant of Netrunner are you referring to?

  2. Wow, it&1quo;s a closed beta. How many people do you expect to be online?
    Not everyone around the world can play as well because of the strict time zones allocated for the testing. I mean you won&1quo;t wake up at 4am in the morning just so you can play a game. Or not sleep for a few days. People who have lives don&1quo;t do that anyway. Unlike another closed beta game; black light retribution, it dosen&1quo;t go : “Closed beta testing 3 will commence on December 2nd and go on for 2 weeks”.

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