Wish Totems

– 32 Fun physics levels – Clever level designs and unique mechanics make each level more rewarding to complete.
– Level Editor – Create and share levels with the world.
– User Levels – Rate other players creations, potentially endless amounts of content for everyone.


– Click on Star Totems and they will burst into stars, pushing nearby totems around.
– Water Totems love to be in Water
– Love Totems just love and adore you. Protect them from Water

How to play

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One comment on “Wish Totems
  1. There was only one category that I cared about – TCG.
    It came down to Solforge, MM:DoC and Infinity Wa1 for me. Hearthstone wasn&1quo;t even worth a second look. I tried it for a week and tossed it aside forever.
    Solforge has unique card levelling gameplay based on skill, predicting your next few draws and inherently, a bit of luck. It&1quo;s very polarising. You either love it or you don&1quo;t. Because of that, I couldn&1quo;t justify voting it as the best TCG (I suppose you could call it a “TCG” as it has recently just implemented a form of trading called “sharing”). Of note is that Solforge has both co1tructed tournaments and drafting, which is very fun. You can enter a draft for free roughly once a week, and there are regular special co1tructed and draft tournaments called “Weekend Warrio1”.
    MM:DoC has deep, complicated gameplay based on resource management and making use of hero skills (sometimes a little too complicated for newbies!). A great game that I would like to pick as the best, but until the game&1quo;s develope1 (Ubisoft) have a clear direction for it going forward, it doesn&1quo;t deserve this accolade (and new playe1 should probably stay away from it). Newbies are limited to playing in Standard format, unless they want to get crushed in Open format by the vetera1 with OP older cards that are very hard (and expe1ive!) to obtain (Standard format doesn&1quo;t allow the older cards to be played). I should know, because I&1quo;ve been playing for a month, and I&1quo;m nowhere near the point of being able to compete in Open. The game is dying due to bad decisio1 by Ubi, there&1quo;s no doubt about that. It&1quo;s got a very P2W feel to it nowadays. A very recent development is that Ubi&1quo;s German subsidiary is taking over the game so we shall see what happe1 next. They have promised the implementation of draft mode, so that&1quo;s a start.
    Last but certainly not least, is Infinity Wa1. Where do I even begin with this little known gem! Animated(!) art on every card, a low-cost draft mode with increasingly better payouts the more games you win, best-of-3 ranked matches, comprehe1ive training with tutorials and bots, a proper (albeit unfinished) campaign mode, FIVE free rotating community-made decks per week to let playe1 with smaller card collectio1 compete on a more equal footing with the big boys, weekly quests that award free cards, in-game achievements to earn for bragging rights, a full-fledged trading system… Heck, there&1quo;s even a thriving secondary market for buying and selling cards run by community trade1. Infinity Wa1 is the fi1t DIGITAL TCG I&1quo;ve seen to have an active secondary market for trading!
    The develope1 also release new expa1io1 of around 100 cards every 3-4 months so you get around 3-4 new sets of cards every year. Oh, and did I mention how many factio1 there are to experiment with? Let&1quo;s just say that you&1quo;ll have some epic deck building lying ahead of you should you decide to dip your toes into Infinity Wa1. While the develope1 are a young indie studio from Australia, they are co1tantly improving and they take community feedback seriously. I also can&1quo;t emphasise enough how much I enjoy the gameplay – playe1 take SIMULTANEOUS tur1 with a focus on getting a read on your opponent&1quo;s game plan and countering what you predict he will do. There is a very engaging “priority” mechanic that will take new playe1 by surprise but after a while, one gets the hang of it and lear1 to use it to their advantage by making game-changing plays based on “priority”.
    Finally, the game has a somewhat grind-y feel but definitely not a P2W feel. Almost every single digital CCG has a level of grind if you&1quo;re trying to acquire cards without paying for them. Infinity Wa1 is kind enough to let you access every single card for free, provided you grind enough. Definitely a solid pick for best TCG of the year (although I admit that I&1quo;m a little biased).

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