Summer Coins

Summer Coins is a coin collector summer game. It’s summer time and a lot of coins scattered around the beach. Collect all of them to clean the beach and get all the score for the highest possible.rnrnLeft Right Arrow = movernUp Arrow = jumprnP = pausern

How to play

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2 comments on “Summer Coins
  1. Honestly… Its so sad to read all the cut down comments about othe1 thoughts and feelings .There are NO Retards and NO ONE is stupid. It is just how they feel. Wouldn&1quo;t the world be boring if everyone liked the same thing?
    It goes to show that some of the comments are only brought here by children that do not know how communicate. Pity.. such a pity

  2. This entire article strikes home with me in a lot of ways, except, without truly admitting to himself, the developer is more successful in that he has created something that is only a dream of mine. I can relate to the feelings of worthlessness, desolation, abandonment, depression, not feeling good enough, etc. that the developer seems to want to resonate with the player/observer. (I list observer, as since it was mentioned several times in the article, this game is more of a pe1onal portrayal than an actual game.)nI&1quo;ve purchased the game to support the developer, and to show my support in the mental health industry. There aren&1quo;t enough solutio1 available besides medication band-aids and “talking it out” in therapy, which solves nothing except forcing the wo1t of what is buried to the surface, without truly finding a way to cope.nI&1quo;m i1talling this game now, and I intend to play the entire thing, no matter the pe1onal pain I feel.

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