Beat Chaser 2

Beat Chaser 2 is a combination of bullet hell and rhythm game. You can choose your own mp3 file or use prepared song, the music will affect on the motion of bullets. The game has 4 game modes, 14 bullet patterns in 12 phases and 4 difficulty settings. Inspiration from Beat Hazard, Touhou and Audiosurf, if you are fan of these game, try this one!

– Use MOUSE to play.
– Press ESC to go back on menu or during battle.
– Press T in battle to toggle background effect.

How to play

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2 comments on “Beat Chaser 2
  1. It&1quo;s always great to see someone from the media side break through into development because I always love seeing what they&1quo;re capable of, especially on a design/writing side. It seems like Jessica is very self-aware of the image that&1quo;s come of her in the media and the fact that she&1quo;s using that as a strong motivator for her performance with the writing is truly i1piring.

  2. I believe I remember reading that the Wii U doesn&1quo;t make up it&1quo;s production cost after one sale, it was a mis-tra1lation or something similar. It still isn&1quo;t sold at a huge loss though

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