Cute Baby Girl Bath

Georgia is a fun, young mother and she wants to throw a fabulous birthday party for her Sophia, her baby girl. She invited also a photographer to take pictures for this special moment and she could use your help to get baby Sophia ready for her first birthday party. Give Sophia a special treatment until the party starts by bathing her. You can choose different bath products to wash her, then give her a makeover and dress her with the most adorable costume.

How to play

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  1. You do not have to go to NG+ or start a new character to access the DLC.nIf you’ve beaten the game, you’re already in NG+. Kill a few bosses and you’re good to go. If you haven’t beaten the game, you can access the DLC.nI’m not really sure why there’s an entire opinion piece on this. Slow news day I guess.

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