King Rolla

24 Fun physics levels – Clever level designs and unique mechanics make each level more rewarding to complete.
Flying and Rolling – Mix the two mechanics for interesting results.
Map Editor – Create and share levels with the world.
User Levels – Potentially endless amounts of content for everyone to enjoy and rate!


Knock all sheep out of the level to win!
Click on Boost Fans to boost King Rolla around the level
HOLD SPACE TO FLY for a limited time.
Avoid anything comfy (cushions, pillows, beds) or King Rolla will fall asleep and you’ll need to retry the level.

How to play

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One comment on “King Rolla
  1. RS isn&1quo;t exactly worth of being at number 1 spot as a f2p game. Most playe1 praise it for variety etc., but as a f2p it doesn&1quo;t exactly have variety. Only combat and mining/smithing is open for f2p and even they&1quo;re quite limited (by enemies you can kill, by gear you can wear and by items you can make out of smithing). Also, pvp is totally unbalanced on f2p&1quo;s high lvl pvp
    What about as a p2p? It&1quo;s completely different game. You can farm, do a lot of quests, fletch, treasure hunt and so on.
    I&1quo;ve indeed played 1 to high lvls as a f2p and later on played on private serve1. Potio1, special attacks and higher tier gear just makes notable differences on pvping.

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