Multiplayer Basketball Shootout

Write your own incredible story on the court and defeat your opponents with the most precise shots! Your goal in this game is to shoot the basketball into all nine baskets. When the first round starts, 9 baskets will be shown on the screen, while 3 of them will be moving. An arrow-shaped power gauge will be located at the bottom of the screen. You can first change the position of the power gauge by moving your mouse horizontally, then click inside the power gauge and hold your mouse to set the power of the shot, then release the mouse to shoot. After that, you will be able to see the shots made by your opponents. The round ends after all players have finished their shots, and the current rankings will be shown on the screen. After each round, the baskets that have already been taken will be highlighted in green. Then the game continues until one of the players has thrown the ball into all baskets and wins the game. Demonstrate your amazing skills now to become the next basketball legend!

How to play

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