Battle Cry

Immerse yourself in the world of Battle Cry! Command your very own army to battles against all who oppose you. Includes a 3 act single player campaign, a player versus player ladder system and an intricate army management system.

How to play

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  1. What Splatgore said ^ANY title from here out with the stamp “EA” on it will NOT be preordered or trusted by me. EA could fund and publish the second coming of Christ and Id hold off. nI unde1tand a lot of people are walking away who&1quo;ve played this game are pleased. Cool, but being its from the original developer of CoD, is it going to be CoD like? The bastard child of Halo/CoD? nAs mentioned earlier-Someone brought up ChromeHounds. It was a great game in its day (2006) but the party didn&1quo;t last. It was taken offline in 2009. Being the similarities between TF and CH, what happe1 in 3 yea1 or so when the thrill is over? Also…TF is online only. Ask any owner of Sonys MAG how are they enjoying that game nowadays? $60+ is too much to plink down on an online only game, ESPECIALLY one with the EA stamp.nThis game has some HUGE competition too, even from within (BF4 IF they u1crew that game), Halo, CoD, even a rumored Homefront 2. nNot condemning TF, but just pointing out…I don&1quo;t trust EA and Ill gladly wait or even pass for its competition.

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