The Magic Squirrel

Help the squirrel to push all the diamonds in the rainbow box before time runs out. Pushing fruits in the box earns points. Pushing a skull in the box causes the loss of one life. The game consists of 35 levels of puzzle solving of increasing difficulty. A video walkthrough for each level can be accessed at
Arrow keys : move the squirrel Z : push an item Click the skull logo on the right part of the screen to kill the player if stuck on a level +/- to increase/decrease the sound volume

How to play

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One comment on “The Magic Squirrel
    this needs to be updated though, runescape has made so many updates and changes from when i fi1t started playing, which has been well over a decade maybe even two. even though the graphics have improved, i really wish the armour&1quo;s graphics woulda stayed the same; my full sara makes me look like i&1quo;m about to go fight in the trojan war or something

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