Muret e kanalit inguinal

Ky eshte nje kuiz i shkurte rreth mureve te kanalit inguinal.Pra testoni veten se sa dini rreth mureve te kanalit inguinal ose anatomise se kanalit inguinal. Pergjigjuni ne pyetjet e parashtuara rreth kanalit inguinal. Anatomia e kanalit inguinal, kuiz nga anatomia, Anatomi kuize shqip, Albanian anatomy, inguinal canal, quiz about anatomy, anatomy quiz, kuiz shqip, kuize shqip, en

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  1. Quick question.
    How do i sell stuff i mean, how do i sell accounts and the expe1ive or rare items in the game into real life? who would buy it? o.O

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